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Notes on Semen Tests




Semen motility is best assessed by video on the microscope then any questionable boar can be examined and discussed with the lab team/manager


Semen motility can be seriously affected by cold microscope slides or if examined after 30 seconds on the slide unless a heated microscope stage is used


Many labs try to examine individual sperm at 400x. However, this is generally unrewarding.  Remember it is the population of sperm health that matters.


There is no need to use a coverslip, this only increases processing time and increases health risks from broken glass and disposal.


Ensure that the drive for perfection is realistic. None of the current simple or more complex tests within the costs of a commercial or farm lab have any bearing on fertility excluding dead or alive assessments and even then many cases of poor boars are actually man made in the lab and have no true bearing on the boar health/productivity


There is currently no relationship between motility and fertility if the motility score is over 60% or a motility score of 2 depending on scale used


If you have a doubtful boar always check your own procedures first rather than assume the worse for the boar