Pigs as Pets and Companions

Incorporating the "Duchess Fund" a medical resource for Pet Pigs

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Manís best friend(s)



All visitors (especially from abroad) to pig farms with a fever, headaches, cold or other signs of flu

should be politely asked not to visit the farm or pigs. 



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Breeds of pigs

Evolution of the pig

Buying/adopting your pet pig







Basic anatomy

Basic health information

Clinical examination of the pet pig

Basic signs of illness in your pet

Disorders and diseases of the pig

Analysis of blood samples - haematology and biochemistry

The worm egg count

Health problems

Disease prevention

Zoonotic considerations when keeping pigs

Biosecurity concepts for breeders and sanctuaries

Surgery in the Pet Pig

Why spay a pet pig?

Legal requirements

Pig lore

Piggy facts

Welfare requirements

Social awareness

Useful addresses


Articles on pet pig In Practice

The pet pig - normal pig (pdf)

The pet pig - the sick pig (pdf)


Pig Ties for all Occasions