Many sayings about pigs reflect more of the habits and deficiencies of their owners than the natural behaviour of the pig.


For instance, ‘happy as a pig in muck’ is a saying that seems to indicate that pigs are dirty animals and love to lie in dirty conditions.  There is nothing further from the truth – allow a pig to develop good habits and provide it with a clean, dry bedded area and you will soon see one of the cleanest animals imaginable.  Pigs will only lie in dirty conditions if there is nowhere else to go, such as when the owner does not clean out the pen, or if the pen is too small for the pig to have separate sleeping and dunging areas.  It is very important to clean out pens on a daily basis because in hot weather the pigs will lie down in their feaces and urine to keep cool.


Another saying goes ‘a fat pig is a happy pig’.  Very fat pigs are not happy-they have difficulty walking, they may even have great difficulty mating and they certainly cannot keep cool in hot weather.  Allowing a pig to get too fat, in fact allowing any pet to get too fat, is a very cruel practice indeed and must not be allowed to happen because it prevents your pet from doing all those things that it likes to do.


“Pig sick’ is also very misleading.  Pigs are very healthy animals indeed and generally will only become sick if the owner does not look after them properly.






St. Anthony is the patron saint of swine herds.

Pigs are still used in France to find truffles in the ground.

Pigs, because of their very discriminating sense of smell, are being used by some international police forces to detect smuggled drugs and narcotics.

In some American states pig racing is a very popular sport.

The heaviest recorded pig weighed over 1158kg.

Pigs cannot perspire-they lose hat by open-mouth panting-hence the need to provide them with some shade in hot sunny weather.

Pig’s Snout is the name of a variety of apple.

Pig’s Nose is the name of a blend of Scotch Whisky.

“Pig in a poke” was actually a cat in a bag – sold as a piglet – also source of letting the cat out of the bag.

A Great Dane is a Pig Hound – used to hunt wild boar

Pigs were first domesticated in the Middle East some   thousand years ago

All domestic pigs are the same species – Sus scrofa – the European Wild Boar

Pig’s ear – often the most expensive part of the pig.  The British Loop has high regard for the pig’s ear shape and size.

“Bleed like a pig” – pigs actually have very good blood clotting capabilities – which actually interfere with taking a blood sample.