Do not buy a pet pig until you have some basic understanding about the needs of pigs or you have obtained specialist advice from a pig farmer, a vet or another pet pig owner.


Remember that if you want to move your pig away from its home you may have to obtain a movement license.  This is an absolute legal requirement, within the UK, and must not be overlooked, as failure to do so could be very expensive.


Little newly born piglets are very appealing, but some of the domestic breeds of pig grow very big very quickly and can reach over 100kg body weight at 4 months of age.


Pigs can be very destructive to gardens, lawns, fencing, trees, plants, household furniture and fittings.


The pigs have eaten this roof support

This outdoor pig has destroyed her arc


Pigs have a characteristic odor which will cling to your carpets, clothes and furniture.


Before you buy your pig, always have a well organised pen or some other place ready to put it in and a space for it to exercise, so that right from the start it recognises this place as its own. 


Finally, when walking your pet pig you must always keep it on a lead and remember to take a big ‘pooper scooper’ with you. Owning a pet pig must be taken very seriously.  Looking after such a pet for 365 days of the year is a very big responsibility, but on the positive side the pig is a very intelligent animal and can give you lots of companionship and plenty of fun.







Types of pig to buy or adopt as pets


Basic rules:  Commercial breeds such a Landrace, Large White or British Saddleback grow very big, even over 200kg, in a very short time.  These are very large pigs and, whilst they can be trained, are not the best household pets because of their size. 


Imported breeds of pig:  Currently the most popular breed is the Vietnamese Pot Bellied pig, which can live for 15-20 years and will weigh 50 to 150 kg when almost fully grown at 24-36 months old.


The adult Pot Bellied is about ¼ to ½ the size of a commercial pig.  Usually good tempered, but some individuals can be grumpy and even thoroughly bad tempered.  The temperament of any pig is not always obvious in advance of you buying it – because like a dog general demeanor and behaviour depend very much upon how the owner treats, and actually behaves towards, the pig.  A very quiet, gentle owner will generally produce a very quiet, gentle pig, whereas a ‘bully’, or temperamental owner, will often produce a very unpopular pet.  Have said this, a few strains of pig are born bad tempered and whatever you do you will not change them. 


Pigs look you right in the eye

Pigs are very social

They can grow to quite a size

But are great pets for the kids



Kune Kune Pigs are small short pig.  They can weigh 150 kg and live for 15-20 years. Some of them have an upturned nose and mouth.  They are well adapted to grazing, but will also live indoors.  Their skin is very hairy with a pair of tassels on the throat.  Colours range from black to marbled and cream.


The Kune Kune

And the fantastic tassels.   They used to be more common in other breeds too.