A Manual for Success in Smallholder Pig Rearing

The wean to finish period


This short manual provides for a start in pig production.

The manual was initially designed for East Africa specifically Uganda.


Once your stockmanship skills have encompassed the wean to finish pig, the stockperson can move towards keeping adult breeding stock.


The pig – weaning to finish

Introduction to Pigs

Basic pig breeds


The surface landmarks


Basic terms in pig farming


The pig’s economic life cycle


Products from pig production


Handling and moving pigs


Nursery pigs needs


Sustainability 3 year plan


The Daktari 5 sow unit targets and design  Excel spreadsheet


Basic Housing


Small holder finishing house plan


What if I decide I do not like pigs?


Areas and volumes


Measurements – using the basics


Building and running the unit – the basic equipment needed


Composting manure


Security Fencing


Feed and water for the pig


Feed ingredients


Feed dietary requirements for pigs


Swill feeding – collection and distribution

 – note check with your local government authorities this is illegal in many countries


Building a feeder for the pigs


Feed – balancing the diet and the pig’s requirements


Mixing dry feed for the pig


Which of these food stuffs can be used to feed pigs?


Obtaining pigs


Selecting the pig


Introducing the pig to the farm


Introduction to medication and vaccinations


Keeping pigs healthy


Biosecurity hand-washing


Normal pig behavior:


Lying patterns


Defecation patterns


Play behaviour


Daily routines


Weekly routines


Recognising health:




Stockmanship the basics


Clinical signs of health and ill health


Medicines and treating pigs basics


Disorders of the pig by age – an introduction


Monitoring the pigs


Weight estimation of pigs


Growth rates


Moving the pigs to market


Cleaning the building after the pigs go


Cleaning the house


Lime washing


Budget examples


Building costs  Spreadsheet   Interactive page


Wean to finish budget Spreadsheet    Interactive page


Adopt a pig concept



The adult herd – breeding and farrowing sows