Lying pattern as an indicator of comfort


Too cold


Lie on the floor with their legs tucked under their body to reduce floor contact.  Lie huddles with other pigs.  Lie close to a wall

Pigs may shiver,  The pigs may become hairy

With larger pigs they seem unable to adopt this tucked position for very long and tend to lie semi-recumbent with their legs tucked into their body.,

Chilled piglets

Chilled weaners

Chilled finishing pigs


Within a group of pigs there will be a selection of lying patterns. The main group of pigs will sleep together in a pile, however, other pigs will be lying spread out but with maximum contact with the floor. These separated pigs will be the more dominant pigs. The lower order pigs will lie on the edge of the main group. Pigs sleep with legs stretched out from the body. 

Too hot

Pigs will be panting > 40 per minute

Pigs are generally dirty.

Lie away from other pigs, sometimes against a cold wall.

They do not pile

Lie in any wet/cooler area

Pigs will dig into earth/bedded floors.