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Swine Production Management - Finishing

The following advice sheets relevant to the health and production of finishing swine are available:

Straw Yard















Floor Space
  • Each pig will have 15 square feet of total floor space
  • The lying area of dry clean straw will not be less than 2/3 of the total yarded area
  • The dunging area may be damp - particularly in the summer, when it will be utilized as a wallow
  • The ventilation in the yard will provide fresh air without draughts to the lying area
  • All ventilation systems are to be fully operational and well maintained
  • Between October and March big straw bales are placed either in tunnels or in a U-shapes to provide additional comfort PTO (See Figure 1 below)
  • Ambient temperature at pig level should not rise above 27o degrees C or fall below 10 degrees C
  • Ideally barley straw is preferred to wheat
Feed Supplies
  • All feed should be provided through single spaced feeders with a feed space of 12" and be available ad-libium feeding
  • There will be one single space feeder for every 15 pigs
  • The feeders will be covered to reduce rodent and bird contamination and reduce dust pollution
  • The single space feeder, feed bins and pipelines should be checked daily
  • The feed bin and lines must be cleaned twice a year
  • Ideally each yard should be supplied through a different feed bin for possible in-feed medication of the stock
Water Supplies
  • Water is provided through a river trough flow system, which ensures the constant availability of fresh cool, clean water
  • The water trough must be no less than 12" per 20 pigs
  • The water supply must be checked daily
  • It must be brushed out at least twice a week and the ball cock valve checked
  • Protect the supply from freezing
Feed and Water Positions
  • The water supply to each yard must be through an individual header tank to allow for water medication if necessary
  • Feed and water positions are raised above the straw lying area to maintain hygiene
  • The concrete must have a slope as shown in figure 3 PTO
  • The edge of the feed and water position should be protected by stock-board
  • All concrete edges must be smooth and pencilled to prevent injury to the legs of the pigs