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Q. I wish to look at the spreadsheets but I get: Need to download Microsoft office web components and there is no link?

A.  Click here to download office web components.  Once loaded a pop-up bar will ask if you want to run Active X Control - click yes.  The spreadsheets should now work.   [email protected]

July -October 2011

A review of batch farrowing place as a production tool being continued

General review of analysis of breeding

Tolerances in pig flow

Pigs per sow per year - an overused parameter?

Colitis - non specific

Taenia solium

More on the gilt and their impact on the finishing herd

Factors to consider when looking at enhancing weaner pigs

Behaviour and habits of pigs - a guide to environmental medicine and building design

Milk let down problems in newly farrowed sows

Pregnancy diagnosis - an extension to the real time sensor to save your back

I have a hole in breeding at weaning - what can I do?

I have just preg checked the sows and they are not pregnant - what next?

The potential of the farrowing area

Guide to keeping the farm full

Breeding design for loose sows

Gestation parking - a means of saving pregnant sow movements