Batch farrowing place

A review of the potentials using the batch farrowing place as a cornerstone to pig production analysis.

1 Introduction pdf
2 Batch - a definition of a batch pdf
3 Cost of production - change in production parameters pdf
4 Cost of production - change in input costs pdf
5 The breeding area - how many should I breed? pdf
6 The breeding area - what is the point of the farrowing rate? pdf
7 The breeding area - not all sows and gilts are equal - the real-time breeding target pdf
8 The breeding area - gilt requirements pdf
9 The breeding area - summer infertility issues pdf
10 The breeding area - the cull sow issue pdf
11 The breeding area - pigs/sow/year vs batch farrowing place pdf
12 The farrowing area - will my layout allow all-in/all-out? pdf
13 The farrowing area - numbers weaned and born pdf
14 The farrowing area - a change in production parameters pdf
15 The farrowing area - weaning age predictor pdf
16 The farrowing area - cost of changing my weaning age pdf
17 The farrowing area - mortality analysis pdf
18 Finishing - output predictor pdf
19 Finishing - Space requirements pdf
20 Finishing - FCR, Killing out% and growth rate issues pdf
21 Finishing - mortality analysis pdf
22 Finishing - sales forecasting pdf
23 Finishing - not all boars are born equal pdf
24 Finishing - transportation space requirements pdf
25 Farm - pig flow monitoring - is the farm full of pigs? pdf
26 Health - monitoring medicine use pdf
27 Health - considering changing the medicine routines? pdf
28 Feed - monitoring feed use pdf
29 Floor - farm design pdf
30 Labour - cost of employing more stockpeople pdf
31 Pollution - complying with the legislation pdf
32 Carbon control pdf
33 Targets - setting production targets that matter pdf
34 Targets - 45 tonnes per batch farrowing place per year pdf










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