Batch farrowing place

Cost of changing the weaning age


On many farms (outside the EU), 3 week weaning is practiced because it "reduces" the cost of production by increasing the number of pigs produced per sow.  But does it?

Using the batch farrowing place concept, analysis of the cost of production from each batch can be achieved.

Varying the parameters, the cost of nursery space and especially the cost of creep feed, can make weaning at 3 weeks of age a very expensive option.


What is the cost downside and advantage between 3 and 4 week weaning?

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Note the default model, does not assume any improvement in performance in terms of farrowing rate, litter size, finishing rate or growth rate, which are commonly found when 4 week weaning is compared to 3 week weaning.  But note your pigs/sow/year will be lower with 4 week weaning - but your profits can be higher!