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Partial Depopulation Protocols

A means of controlling post-weaning diseases in particular respiratory disease. This document details the requirements necessary to achieve an acceptable outcome.

The aims of segregated disease control are:

  • Reduce post-weaning mortality to less than 5%
  • Increase growth rates to 630 g per day to 95 kg liveweight
  • Reduce the FCR to 2.3
  • Allow for repairs of the grow/finish area to be completed/started
  • Reduce the medicine bill and the need to inject so many pigs
  • Enhance stockpeople job satisfaction

The Program

Day Event
  • Sort out yard accommodation for the finishers
  • Purchase cosikennels or make nursery kennels
  • Calculate pig flow requirements
From day 0
  • Stockpeople who tend to the grow/finish pigs on the off-site farms are not allowed back onto the farm wearing the same clothes.
  • A complete change of clothing is required to re-enter the farm, ideally after a shower.
  • Weaning day. Wean all pigs older than 21 days into off-site weaner accommodation
  • Stockpeople working with adults and farrowing house are not to enter finishing accommodation
  • All stockpeople working with adult and farrowing houses are to wear clean overalls and boots
0 - 4
  • Empty out grow/finish accommodation
  • Clean out fridge and all tops of bottles.
  • Throw out all out of date medicines.
  • Dispose of all used needles and syringes
4 - 24
  • Wean piglets into off-site weaner accommodation
  • Move next weeks farrowing sows into cleaned farrowing room
7 - 28
  • Repair buildings starting with weaner accommodation
  • Veterinary check of cleaning program
  • Wash all overalls and boots used by all personnel
  • Start re-populating weaner accommodation
  • Stockpeople cleaning finishing accommodation are not allowed into farrowing, adult sow or weaner accommodation
  • All buildings should be functional and ready to accept the pigs

Animal movements:

  • Sell all possible finishing pigs
  • Sell all cutter/pork pigs 65 kg to 80 kg or finish on straw as required
  • 20 - 65 kg pigs move to an off-site straw yard
  • 5.5 to 20 kg pigs place in outside kennel or a double straw nursery

Schematic of pig movements:

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The Program's Audit:

Click here for a printable Program Audit form (PDF)