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Intensive Industries Lecture Series Vet437  2009

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1  pdf

Introduction to the pig industry

2  pdf

Biosecurity considerations

3  pdf

Animal pig flow and ensuring the bills are paid

4  pdf

The pig  - Disorders of the skin

Erysipelas. Greasy pig disease.

Mange. PDNS. The Swine Fevers.

5  pdf

Disorders of the head

Meningitis.  Aujeszky’s disease. Atrophic rhinitis.

6  pdf

Disorders of the chest 1

Mycoplasma.  APP


Disorders of the chest 2

Glässer’s.  SIV.


Disorders of the chest 3


9  pdf

Disorders of reproduction – analysis of returns

10  pdf

Disorders of reproduction and the urinary tract

Brucellosis.  Leptospirosis.


11  pdf

Disorders of locomotion

Splayleg. Mycoplasma. FMD

12  pdf

Disorders of the lymphatics


13  pdf

Environmental analysis

Water as an example

14 pdf


Colony Collapse Disorder,

Varroa, AFB, EFB,

15 pdf

Disorders of the intestinal tract

Pre-weaning scours

16 pdf

Disorders of the intestinal tract 2

Clostridial.  TGE/PED. Ileitis.

17 pdf

Disorders of the intestinal tract 3

Salmonellosis. Swine Dysentery and colitis.  Rectal strictures

18 pdf

Structure of the poultry industry


19 pdf

Disorders of poultry 1 Intestinal


20 20F pdf


Disorders of poultry 2 Respiratory

We are extremely grateful to Intervet to allow us to use their poultry handbook

21  Pdf

Disorders of poultry 3 Miscellaneous

21a  Pdf

Backyard poultry disorders

22 pdf


22a pdf

Diseases of Barramundi


Roundtable discussion

Pract 1 pdf

Reproductive surgery group A1

Pract 2 pdf

Reproductive surgery group B1

Pract 3

Environmental analysis group A2

Pract 4

Environmental analysis group B2

Example of some of the environmental issues to be noted in a farm visit

Exam example 2008


Welfare codes of practice pig  poultry

Transport codes of practice  pig  poultry

Notifiable diseases general WA

Latest guidelines for welfare in Commercial poultry in Western Australia 2008