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Pig and Poultry Externships


Competency in pig and poultry medicine

Over the 2 weeks Externship, consider the following tasks and achievements.

There are internet links behind most tasks


Review which of the below tasks you feel weak in and then as you gain confidence in each task remove from the list. ( = confident)





Terminology of modern pig production



Terminology of modern poultry production



Basic breed recognition pigs and poultry




Understanding different farming systems farrow to finish, 2/3 site systems and parity segregation



Clinical examination


Clinical examination of an individual pig




Clinical examination of an individual bird



Weight and age estimation




Postmortem examination and description of lesions




Sample collection blood (weaner and finisher)




Blood collection in poultry




Nasal swab




Tonsilar swab




Rectal/faecal swab




Urine collection




Semen collection




Sample handling




Bacterial recognition Basic




Worm egg count





Clinical examination of a group of pigs



Clinical examination of a group of birds




Clinical examination of a farm




Group pathology slaughterhouse examination




Signs of stockpeople interaction




Environmental analysis:


Water flow, height,




position in pen




dismantle drinker




Floor stocking density calculation,




hygiene assessment




Feed basic nutritional requirements weaner/finisher/adult dry and lactating




Review feed bin management




Reduce feed wastage




Air assess air flow patterns








Lying patterns




Rationalise smoke patterns




Records Basic analysis of production records




Setting of production targets




Analysis of a reproduction problem




Medicine review on farm medicine storage




Write a feed prescription




Dose calculation for water medication




Biosecurity write a standard operation procedure for a perceived threat to the farm



Literature review


Carry out a critical review of a publication




Present a 5 minute review of a paper of your choice



Routine farm tasks


Iron injection




Teeth clip




Tail dock




Castration of piglet




Identification methods




Cleaning rooms and building




Move stock around farm




Assess oestrus




Mate by AI




Assess stage of pregnancy




Assist farrowing




Review hospital pen management




Discuss which animals are fit to load




Euthanasia of pigs and poultry




Keep a detailed case and experience log/diary during the duration of the externship.


You will be required to write a 2000-2500 word essay/case report.