<%@LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.3"%> Swine Diseases - Clinical Signs
Swine Diseases - Clinical Signs
1. Prior to entry
 into room
2. Entering room 3. Observe animals 4. Body condition
5. Skin conditions 6. Lump or hernia 7. Configuration 8. Evidence of vice
9. Prolapses 10. Breathing 11. Behavior and locomotor changes 12. Presence of discharge
13. Other observed changes 14. Faecal consistency 15. Urine samples 16. Changes in repro behavior

1. Prior to entry into the room:
  • Gain some indication of what the problem is by asking the farmer:

    Is the problem affecting a group or an individual only?

Observe pigs through window Examine their sleeping patterns

Observe pigs away from group  

2. Quietly enter the room:

3. Observe the animals:
  • Type of animals?
  • Dead in the pen?
  • Weight and age?
  • Male, Female, Castrate?