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Water Supply Problems:

The following montage illustrates some of the problems commonly experienced on pig farms.

Water source needs to be clean and regularly checked for bacterial contamination. Water on UK farms are stored in header tanks these need to be secure If the water supply is liable to freezing ensure suitable arrangements are made

Can the water distribute through the house? This pipeline is blocked. Is the drinker accessible to the pigs? The drinkers have turned limiting access. This drinker has also turned towards the wall making it difficult to access.
This drinker is very difficult to gain access by the design of the pen. This drinker is too high for pigs to easily gain access. These drinkers were too low for adequate access without spillage
There was insufficient number of drinkers in this pen. Check trough length. This water was clearly contaminated with fecal materials. This drinker was leaking water. A serious cause of filling the slurry tank.
Check the water flow. This is inadequate for the age of the pigs. This flow is excessive. This was from a high pressure system. There was no flow from these drinkers. This will result in the death of pigs. 
Water flow problems can often be seen at a distance. Check for variation.  Drinkers can overflow and lead to water wastage and potentially wet sleeping areas. Observe the behavior of the pigs while drinking to see if the water supply is adequate.
Drinkers used for compromised pigs must be clean and readily accessible. A working knowledge of how drinkers work will help the investigation.