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Needles and Syringes

Needle Use:

  • Always use a sharp new disposable needle each day.
  • When injecting a group of healthy pigs, do not use the same needle for more than 10 - 12 pigs (one litter).
    Note: if Mycoplasma suis is a problem needles may not be shared, discuss this with your vet
  • Never use a blunt needle.
  • Needles must not go from a sick pig to a healthy pig.
  • Only use a clean needle to draw out of a vaccine bottle.
  • Dispose of used needles (and blades) in a proper sharps bin.
  • Return full sharps bin to the veterinarian for safe disposal.
  • Do not share needles with another stockperson.

Needle length and size:  (metric link)

Intramuscular kg Subcutaneous injections
Piglet:      5/8"     21g 1-7 Piglet:       5/8"      21g
Weaner:   1"        19g 7-25 Weaner:   5/8"      21g
Grower:    1"        19g 25-60 Grower:    1/2"      19g
Finisher:   1"        16g 60-100 Finisher:   1/2"      19g
Adult:      1.5"     16g   Adult:       1"         19g

Accidental self injection:

  • Inform manager (or assistant manager) immediately.
  • Obtain relevant data sheet.
  • Telephone local medical center for advice.
  • Be taken to the medical center. Do not drive yourself.
  • Go to local medical center with data sheet and name and telephone of the farm veterinarian.
  • Fill in accident book.

Routes of medication via injection