Medication via the water supply


It is common to utilize the water supply as a means of supplying medications to the pigs

Vaccination through the water supplyOral route Enterisol example

Examples of on-farm water medication


Medication routines

Follow all medication advice provided by the veterinarian and instructions provided on the data sheet

Ensure that the water supply is adequate to provide an excellent supply to the pigs

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Water drinkers misalined.jpg

Water blocked distribution pipe.JPG

Ensure all drinkers work – always check any dirty drinker.

Check drinkers are accessible to the pigs

Ensure that water is well distributed around the farm – check any pressure issues

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Ensure that the water supply is clean and suitable for drinking

Ensure no drinkers leak – wasting any medication

Ensure that there are sufficient drinkers and that the pigs can reach the drinkers

Mixing medications with the water supply

Vaccines – note live vaccines require any chlorine etc to be removed from the system

Mix the concentrate with a small amount of water before preparing the final solution – do not just pour into the tank

Check the ph of the water some products will sediment quickly with acid or alkaline water

Ideally use rain water to make up the original mixture

Monitor the water being consumed – visually and using a water meter

Water check exam sediment.JPG

The following compounds will sediment in an acid water:


Aspirin, Amoxycillin, penicillin’s, Sulphamethoalone-trimethropim.


Note citric acid may be added to the water at weaning and this can  compound the sedimentation

The following compounds will sediment in an alkaline water:




Note tetracycline  will react with high calcium, iron, magnesium – called chelate

Sedimentation issues

Avoid mixing medicines aspirin and tetracycline’s do not mix together

Mixing problems

To make the water more alkaline add soda ash  (Na2CO3)– at a ratio of 3 to 8 g per 10 litres of water

Add one or two drops of washing up liquid per 10 litres water to reduce surface tension

Keep the solution mixing using a dedicated mixer or modify a fish tank water aerator


Ensure that all water lines and well flushed after the medication  time to remove all medication compounds