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Broken needles

Broken needles are rare however, the following provides a guide to possible options.

Immediate Action:
1. If the metal piece is still visible:

  • Restrain the pig immediately with a nose snare and remove.

2. If the metal piece is inside the pig and not visible:
Immediate action:

  • Mark the pig with a numbered ear tag.
  • Record date and identity in the medicine book.

Possible future options:

  • The animal is to be retained as breeding stock.
  • The animal will not be suitable for human consumption.
  • Ensure the animal tag is correctly placed.
  • Check the animal's health regularly.
  • Check the tag regularly and replace if necessary.
  • If a different tag number is used, record new number.
  • Once the animal's breeding life is finished the animal must not go to slaughter for human consumption.

The reason is that pieces of metal move inside the body and within weeks it will move from the injection site (i.e. neck) to any part of the body.

Slaughter options:
The pig can be slaughtered within 7 days

  1. Send to slaughterhouse.
  2. Together with a owner declaration for casualty slaughter.
  3. Advise the slaughterhouse on the injection site.

The pig will be finished for home consumption:

  1. The pig, once finished, must not be sold.

The pig cannot be slaughtered within 7 days

  1. Has no breeding future and cannot be used for home consumption.
  2. Euthanize.

  • Dispose of all needles, syringes and containers according to legal requirements.
  • To be absolute count needles out and in of an area
    For example only issue 10 needles a week to the farrowing stockperson and only re-issue once 10 are returned.
  • If you experience more than one needle breakage in a short period of time contact your vet and we will investigate the problem further.