Environmental medicine - some useful equipment

Basic environmental medicine can be broken down into four major areas: water, food, floor and the air. Each of these areas requires some equipment to allow the clinician to carry out a basic examination.

The basic tools in the kit are highlighted in red

Environmental kit 3


Water supply

Water drinkers misalined

Water drinker dirty 3

Water fighting over drinker

Note drinker placement, number and position

Look for dirty drinkers

Look for unusual behaviour

Water taste1

Water depth finger1

Water drinker height1

Note water appearance, taste and temperature

Note water depth

Tape measure for height


Collapsible measuring

Cup 250 ml


Water pressure

Measuring cylinder

Stop watch

Water pressure gauge

Water Wrench

Water Drinker checking pieces

Water AVOmeter stray voltage

Wrench to remove drinker

Tools to take drinker apart Swiss Army knife

Check stray with a volt meter


Feed sup feeder weaner 1

Feed wastage2

feeder-insurficient feeder space kr

Note placement of feeders

Look at feed usage and wasted feed

Look for unusual behaviour

Feeder exam length1

Feed mouldy feed 2

Feed Weigh balance copy

Measure dimensions of feeder

Presence and age of soiled food

Check weight of feed delivered against volume

Feed analysis crumble 2a

Food exam smell2

Food exam taste

Observe feed consistency

Note the smell of the feed

Note the taste of the feed


Floor measure space Floor calculatorFloor distance measure

Floor defecation pattern

Note stocking density measure tape and ultrasound and calculator

Note defecation pattern

Floor width of void measure kr

Floor exam sharp

Floor comfort  1

Measure solid/void/step

Note rough edges

Note total floor comfort

Floor Mouldy straw 3

Floor lying area too small

Floor Overlong sow crate

Presence of mould

Dry and wet areas

Crated area appropriate size

Floor sharp point 2

Floor slope measure 20degree

Floor hygiene checking

Sharp points and projections

Slope of the floor

20o measure shown - EU

Hygiene levels


Air piling piglet kr

Air overhow growers dirty

Air lying growers comfortable

Cold piglets

Hot finishers

Good lying pattern of group

Note lying pattern and position of group


Air dust weaner 1

Air dust in air

Smell the air

Note presence of dust


Air temperature and humidity pen

Air Intrared temperature meter

Air temperature recorder1

Air temperature and humidity

Infra-red gun

Remote temperature recorder

Air gas concentrations

Air light meter

Air wind vane

Gas pollutants NH3, CO2, CO, H2S

Light levels

Air speed easier once air pattern known

Air smoke bombs

Air  smoke patterns1

Air Static pressure B

Small cold smoke to large smoke generators

Air movement smoke bombs/generators

Static pressure

Air exam inlet size

Air fan dirty

Air fan speed1

Measure Inlet outlet size

Fan hygiene

Fan Speed tachometer

Air drip cooling

Air  evaporat 2


Drip cooling

Other cooling systems



Summary List of equipment

Air speed


Gas concentrations


Light meter

Measuring tape 2 metre

Measuring tape - 20 metres


Measuring tape - ultrasound


Screwdriver (flat)

Screwdriver (Philips)

Slope meter

Smoke bombs

Static pressure

Stop watch

Swiss Army knife



Volt meter

Water measuring bottle

Weight scales