Effect of Wind Direction on Air Movement within a Curtain-sided House



Grower curtain building1 tunnel

A typical curtain sided wean to finish house.

What is the effect of different wind directions?


Using a weather rose pattern should determine the line of the building.  Curtain sided buildings are built to provide cross-flow ventilation most of the time









 (From: Y. Choiniere and J. Munroe 1994)



If you click on the various wind direction drawings, a short movie demonstrates the effect of air inside the building.  In the video clips the wind comes from the left side of the screen.


This is the simple model, when you start adding additional buildings in parallel to the finishing house, this can have dramatic effects on the ventilation inside the building.  A presence of even a small hut to the side of the finishing house can result in areas of poor ventilation.


These ideas need to be incorporated into the investigation into any respiratory problem in the grow/finish pigs.