All-in/All-out  (AIAO)


Pig flow Nursery variable pigs ca

It does depend on where you start – but this gives you a guide:

7-12% improvement in ADG and FCR.  50% reduction in post-weaning mortality. 50% reduction in the medicine bill

100% improvement in stockperson morale

Pathogen control.   PRRSv control is not possible without AIAO

Farrowing house variability must be eliminated.  Farrowing output must be batched

Correct (legal) stocking density – 30kg pig 0.3m2 or finishing pigs 0.65-1m2

What is it?


The room is cleaned and disinfected before the batch of pigs enter the building

No additional pigs are added to the room/batch until all the pigs are removed

The building is cleaned, disinfected and rested

Filling even the next day is not acceptable –, the new pigs enters a building that is not clean: this is continuous flow

AIAO is about the whole area – pigs, building, equipment and medicines

Water bowl dirty 2.jpg

Sec cleaning poor au.JPG

Depopulation 26.JPG

air ceiling vent open ca.JPG

AIAO by water

AIAO by feed

AIAO by floor

AIAO by air

Effects of poor AIAO

Salm scour au 2.JPG

Scour weaner2.JPG

Pig flow uneven allinallout

Pig flow empty pen

Diarrhoea weaner 3 days

Mixed ages

Empty pens

Where does AIAO  start?

AIAO starts in the farrowing house.

If you don’t do AIAO in the farrowing area you don’t do AIAO  Pig Flow

The farm plan runs like a river from a lake it’s important to remove the rapids

Gestation (continuous flow) ® Farrowing (AIAO) ®  Wean to finish (AIAO)

Risk of pathogen spread?


What is the risk in the farrowing area?


Moving adult sows through the farrowing area is a small risk, whereas moving a healthy pig is an enormous risk

Sec risk factors

I can’t do AIAO

Mark/tag pigs which enter after the first batch and note production effects.

In one farm, the mortality post-weaning was: 2% first group, 5% second group and 10% third group.

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