Where do pigs die and what impact do they have on the system?

Pig Attrition


From conception to slaughter, pigs are lost from the production cycle. The impact of these losses is often under appreciated by producers. 


Analysis of when pigs are lost and their impact on the production system can be appreciated by the following table.

The spreadsheet uses $Au 2008 cost examples.

Down load the excel2003 spreadsheet         The individual costs of a dead pig

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This accumulative loss to a pig farm can be illustrated graphically.

The black line is a trend-line.


This can be further examined looking at each age group individually


It is clear that the major areas of loss are associated with the pre-weaning mortality then the grower mortality and the pork sales.   The losses associated with pork sales is generally under-appreciated, however, these numbers are on paper.  The welfare of individual pigs and the requirements (and advantages) of all-in/all-out force producers to sell non-bacon pigs.


Major areas of loss in a pig production system

Repro mummified piglet

Stillborn placenta around neck

Farrow dead piglet

Dead in transit pig



Pre-weaning death


Nursery death


Salmonella PCV2 au weaner 3b

Dead pig

PIA 02 sw

Security pig loading IR

Nursery culls


Grower death


Grower culls


Pork sales

(last pigs left)


The population of pigs in a batch as affected by the losses of pigs

Batch from 10 sow farrowed – with a total born of 121 pigs, 100 weaned and 92 sold as full price bacon pigs