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Big Pen Nursery Design

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  • Each pig to 20 kg requires 0.2 m2 (2.2 sq feet) per pig.

  • One turkey drinker to 50 weaners seems adequate

  • Feeders as required. Lean machines are working well in this type of building.

  • Temperature in sleeping area follows typical weaner cooling curve from 30 degrees Celsius at 6 kg to 22 at 20 degrees Celsius with minimal variation per 24 hours (less than 1 degrees Celsius).

  • The feeding and dunging areas should be cooler at 24 degrees Celsius.

  • Solid insulated sleeping area. Slatted plastic floor for exercise, dunging area.

  • The three zones concept is an important component to this plan's success

  • The concept is to have 3 zones, sleeping, eating and dunging.

  • Depending on the ventilation, you could end up with the sleeping area in the middle with eating on either side and dunging on either side, therefore 5 zones.