How big is my pig?

There are a number of methods of addressing the weight of the pig.

Surface area:

With some degree of accuracy (70%) the pig’s weight can be estimated by its main body area.  This is particularly useful using visual imaging technology.  The fact that no moving parts are required is particularly appealing when dealing with pigs, for example when this is incorporated into autosort system.

The space occupied by the pig relates to its weight by the formulae


Liveweight (kg)  =  (0.05 X areaPA  (cm2)) – 34


In general a growing pig will grow around 15cm2 a day – around 0.75 kg.


Input the dorsal surface area into the yellow box below:

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The constant (34) has been demonstrated to be specific to breed type – so you may need to experiment to get a closer curve.


For example:

Liveweight kg Surface area cm2
10 880
20 1080
40 1480
60 1880
80 2280
100 2680

Weight using a weigh band