Autosort Training


Turn the water off on the feeders to ensure the pigs leave the feeding court

There must be no shadows or bright patches around the entrance and exit of the sorter

Outline of a grow/finish autosort utilizing a feed court.

Produce drawings for your own flow to ensure the whole farm team is aware of the gating layouts



Training pigs to use the autosort

You must train the pigs to each of the sorting gates types in turn. Assumed entry 30 kg

30 kg Entry no training.

All gates open no weigh scale in fast alley

40 kg Return gates half working and then full working. No water feed court. Ensure all pigs able to work return gates. Place pigs in area A and collect in B for four hours a day then release rest of the day. Green arrow indicates pig flow






















Once pigs trained to system leave return gates functional

60 kg Place weigher in alley way open

Ensure all pigs go from section A to B.

No water on in the feeders.

Start weighing pigs weekly mark heavier pigs


Sort pigs intended for slaughter into pen C.

Note if going to slaughter next day switch off feeder in section C