Identification of Pigs


Ear notching

The pigís ears are notched in the farrowing house

The right ear signifies the motherís number the left ear the pigletís number within the litter

One of the small notches removed could be kept for future DNA analysis



Notching equipment

Identification ear notch

Identification ear notching

Ear tattoo

Again applied in the farrowing house.Tattoos can be very difficult to read in older life††††††††††††††††

Identification tattoo piglets†† Identification tattoo

Slap maker Ė prior to slaughter

This is to be read after the animals are dead and de-haired


Idenification slapmarker 9808††††† Identification slaughterhouse slap

Ear tag

These can be applied at any age. Two tags are more likely to allow identification to be retained. The tags may be electronic to allow computer identification. The ear tag can be notched to help identification outdoors. Pigs over 60 kg which are treated with injectable antibiotics should be individually tagged


Identification ear tagEAR TAGS

Spray marking


Useful for temporary identification of medicated or selected pigs.However, note that many sprays do not last for the entire length of medicine withdrawal times.Pigs in some parts of the world are spray marked before loading when intended for slaughter. Computerized sorting can mark pigs


Hair Clipping


Can be useful as a temporary marking method. Using a pair of curved scissors trim a line of hair.The hair will regrowin 6 weeks