Fostering protocols


Currently on many farms piglets are fostering all the time throughout their time in the farrowing house.  This results in more even weaning weights, but an overall reduction in litter weaning weight and also is likely to disrupt the sows milking capability and therefore her feed intake requirements.  See nursing standard advice sheet.


Fostering suggestion.  Note insufficient farrowing crates currently available.


Farrowing week

Over first 48 hours litter size and weight stabilised with all sows having no more than 11.

Following weaning day

On a weaning day move 10 sows into additional farrowing accommodation.  Move 7 to 10 day old piglets onto these sows, one per litter, the smallest piglet.  Leave for 2 weeks minimum on these sows.

Do not move any other piglets, sort out additional problems at weaning.  Note the PRRS implications of piglets over 18 days of age.


Additional standard advice sheets:  Nursing  Streaming


Sows enter farrowing houses


Farrowing week

Sort within litters 11 per sow