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Signs  Oestrus


  • In gilts, the vulva swells, but not consistent in the sow
  • The vulva becomes congested or red
  • The udder develops in gilts
  • The female becomes nervous and easily disturbed
  • She is ridden by other sows, but does not stand
  • Vaginal walls become reddened (congested)
  • Clitoris becomes more prominent
  • Vaginal fluids thicken, produce strands between fingers


  • The vulva reddening starts to subside
  • There is a slight mucus vulva discharge
  • The female starts to mount other sows, and if mounted starts to stand
  • Emits a characteristic high-pitched grunt
  • She actively seeks boars
  • Has a decreased appetite
  • Stands to back pressure, particularly in the presence of a boar
  • In a Large white, pricks her ears
  • Rub marks
  • Has a clean vulva in outdoor units (post service)
  • Rubs and is attracted to stockpeople
  • Allows coitus

Sows seek boars
Boars are interested in the sow
Vulval changes particularly gilts and young sows
Vulval discharge may include discharges and some mucus
Behavior changes include the standing reflex
The sow allows mating
Post-service marks may be present
Swollen clitoris