Loose housing pig breeding facilities


This facility provides for two stockpeople to breed 2 sows at the same time.

The sows to check have no boar contact for at least 1 hour before checking.

Place the sows in the premating arena.

Sows are individually run into the mating pen.

Sows are exposed to the boars and if they are in oestrus they should stand within 30 seconds of boar exposure.

Sows which are clearly not in oestrus are run straight through the mating arena into the post-mating arena.

Note it is essential to keep the boars interested. This is enhanced by the post-mating boar.

The presence of the post-mating boar allows the breeding to be accomplished within 3 minutes of boar exposure.

Utilise a bike spring to encourage standing behaviour.

Using this technique it is possible to mate 24 sows an hour 12 per stockperson.





































Photographs of the mating arena


Sows in the pre-mating area

Boar in boar pen with gate holder

General view of mating area, boar and post-mating

Post mating pen