Synchronisation of females



Animals not cycling or ovulating


Inject with PG600 (a combination of 400 iu eGH and 200 iu hCG - equine and human chorionic gonadotrophin)

Ovulation will usually occur 100 to 120 hours when administered at weaning


Cyclic animals


12-14 days after last oestrus

PGF2a (prostaglandins) only work in pigs in mature corpora lutea after 12-14 days after ovulation. The female cycles 4 days after administration

Other times

In normal cycling females ovarian activity can be suppressed by administrating oral active progesterone, by the feeding of 15-20 mg of altrenogest (Regumate/Matrix) for 14 to 18 days. Cease feeding and oestrus occurs some 2-8 days after last feeding

Aborting early pregnant animals

Gilts can be served when the cycle and then the group can be synchronised by aborting the gilts as a group using prostaglandins. The gilts cycle 4 days after aborted.


Delay after weaning


This may be useful to coordinate pig flow. Feed altrenogest (Regumate/Matrix) from weaning until 4 days before required heat. Note normal variation in response is same as weaning ie 2-8 days with a peak at 4 to 5 days


To help sows and gilts to come into heat

Combination of PGF2 α and PG600


Group of synchronised animals with poor or no heats:

Day 1 Inject with PGF2 α prostaglandin

Day 3 inject with PG600



A group of animals cycling out of sequence will have animals at all stages of the oestrus cycle

Those 12 18 days will cycle 4 days later with PGF2α

Those at 18-21 days will cycle within the next 4 days anyway

Those at 0-12 days may cycle with PG600 in 4-5 days

PG600 to animals at or about ovulation will enhance the ovulation process.