Breeding sows or gilts with a boar


Preparation for service                                            When training tick off


Remove the boar from sight and sound of the sow for at least one hour prior to breeding



Ideally move the sow to the boar pen which also acts as a breeding pen



The breeding pen should be around 8m2 with excellent flooring.  This is bigger than a normal boar pen which only needs to be 6m2. 



Slats are not suitable. Peat or sawdust are ideal, but hygiene needs also to be very good.  Broken floors are to be avoided.



It is also important not to have any sharp projections into the pen, this include drinkers, which if the pen is also a boar pen should be recessed into the wall.


Mating procedure


The sow should show a ‘standing reflex’ within 30 seconds of meeting the boar.



Allow normal courtship behaviour.  Any noise should come mainly from the boar



The boar should not have to chase the sow/gilt around until she is trapped in a corner – the female is not in heat and the mating will be poor or worthless.



It should not be necessary to assist the bar to mount.



Once the boar has mounted, it is useful to check that the penis is correctly placed into the vagina.



Once the boar is locked, no further manual interference should be necessary



Do not attempt to keep the sow or gilt steady during mating.  If the sow or gilt does not want to be mated, remove the boar and if necessary try again after 1 hour of total removal of boar stimulation



During mating, check that the anal reflex occurs. The anus ‘blinks’ with ejaculation.  Failure of the anal reflex implies that the boar is not ejaculating



The mating should take 10-20 minutes.



A fully satisfied boar will not reattempt to mount the female.  A fully satisfied female will not allow mating and may lie down.  Leave the female and boar for 10 minutes after mating.



Full mating therefore will take about 30 minutes.  Do not rush mating, it is the key to profitable pig farming.



Gently return the sow to her pen/stall.  Thank the female.



Record service and score quality of service



If this is the first mating, re-breed 24 hours later if the female passes the standing still reflex



Prepare breeding area

Sow stands within 30 seconds, allow courtship

Check the penis is properly located

Check ejaculation using the anal reflex