Mating - Boar stimulation methods

The need to control boar contact


Sows and gilts in heat exhibit the best signs of oestrus when they are within a metre of an adult boar with good libido



A boar salivating.  The boar pheromones are highly concentrated in the saliva. But the boar needs to be within a metre to have the best effect.

The sow and boar have a repertoire of behaviour prior to the initiation of mating.


On many farms the boar is just loose to run around the breeding area.  How long does he stand within a metre of a sow in heat?

If there are several sows/gilts in heat at once the single boar can concentrate on one and miss others still in heat

The boar can be tethered and easily taught to walk around the sows

The tethered boar can be tethered next to the sows being checked

The boar can be controlled by a gate manually

The boar can be controlled by a “remote” gate

The boar is easily kept within a metre of the sows in heat

The boar can be placed into a controlled mechanized crate –the Boar Bot and then ‘remotely’ controlled by the stockperson

The second boar effect?

With boar controlled mating, the mating process can be speeded up.  But it is still important that boar exposure is provided for 15 minutes per sow to encourage both oestrus behaviour and uterine contractions to move the semen to the oviduct.