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Swine Production Management - Biosecurity Manual

Bird and Fly Control

Bird Control:

  1. Repair all broken windows
  2. Ensure no waste feed remains under food bins
  3. Clean up all spilt food in storage areas
  4. Cover all feeders
  5. Install strip curtains over all openings
  6. Close off roof spaces by netting
  7. Install window screens
  8. Cover all eaves and ridge gaps with bird proof netting
  9. Repair and seal all holes
  10. All doors should be on spring hinges
  11. If starlings are the major problem shooting may become necessary
  12. Whilst unpleasant, the hanging of dead birds can may be effective
Waste feed under feeder which can encourage birds to the pig unit.
Uncovered feed barrow allowing easy access for the birds
Buildings should be bird proofed.
Bird contamination clearly evident on covered feeders. Without covers all this feces would have entered the feed

















Fly Control:

  1. Maintain and repair all windows
  2. Ensure no food enters the dung channel. Creep feed is an ideal medium for fly multiplication.
  3. Place a 2 mm mesh over the windows and air intakes. This must be kept clean to prevent the mesh reducing ventilation rates. This can be difficult.
  4. Consider use of biological fly control using Ophyra which eat the fly maggots
  5. Site solid manure pile as far away from the buildings as possible
  6. The solid manure pile should be covered as soon as possible after tipping feces and then properly compacted to generate heat which will kill the larvae
  7. Control birds
  8. Remove feces as often as possible
  9. Remove afterbirths as soon as possible (immediately)
  10. Have efficient pressure washing
  11. Remove all fermenting food
  12. Insecticides should never be used as a substitute for good hygiene. Care should be taken to ensure that no unnecessary spillage of food. Ensure that a build up of animal waste products in passageways or on ledges around pens is prevented
  13. Flood slurry channels in summer with water to cool and break up slurry crust. An alternative is to add Aclith to the slurry
  14. Initially use a knock down agent and then a residual in areas where flies congregate
  15. If flies are a serious problem causing disease or a nuisance, it may be necessary to identify the fly species before a specified control strategy can be designed

Mosquito control


In addition to issues above ensure that there is no standing water around the farm.  Note ventilation curtains which are not completely down can create pools of water.


There is also a concern with Bats in the USA.  Bats are very important in the control of mosquito's.  Bats on the East coast are dying of a new disease condition called White Nose Syndrome, which is associated with a fungus  Geomyces destructansFor further details

If you suspect any bat on your farm having this syndrome, contact your veterinarian.