Biosecurity Veterinary Dress Code


It is absolutely essential that a veterinarian does not transmit pathogens from one farm to another. The easiest method that a veterinarian may transmit pathogens is through poor hygiene.


Primary philosophy of veterinary medicine First do no harm


Foot wear

Truck boots clean

Sec boot unsuitable

Sec boot unsuitable 1

Clean boots are essential

All faecal material (arrow) must be removed - sole

And heel and sides

Truck driver foot wear 2

Security boot management 2

Security pig man2

The foot wear must be easily cleaned and waterproof. Lace and Suede shoes are totally unsuitable

Ideally wear footwear provided by the farmer

Animals can are very inquisitive and will lick any material from your boots and thus get sick

Protective clothing

Sec Pig show

Sec door not locked

Repro preg check ultrasound 2

Always wear protective clothing on farms street clothing is unsuitable

Protective clothing must cover all your daily clothes. Disposable protective clothing are an ideal

Exposed clothing cap (arrow 1) and street clothes (2) which cannot go to the next farm.

Sec overalls

sec Off farm and on farm

Measure span

Ideally wear protective clothing provided by the farmer

Showering may be required by some high health farms combined with a period of animal absence

Ensure all exposed flesh hands, arms, face are clean and not splattered with faeces or blood