Tumours of Swine, in particular pet pigs


Juvenile tumours

Nephroblastoma The large mass is the right kidney, which is grossly enlarged into a nephroblastoma.


This tumor develops from the renal blastema. Generally the tumour is discovered at slaughter as an incidental finding

Young adult


Lymphosarcoma classically affects young adults gilt or 1st parity sows. The sow loses weight rapidly and is unresponsive to treatment. At post-mortem, lesions associated with swollen lymph nodes are found scattered throughout the carcase. The right photograph reveals the swollen chain of lymph nodes associated with the rib cage.

Middle aged adult

Skin tumours


Melanoma these are not infrequently found in pet pigs. They can be removed surgically or review the growth of the tumour over time. Many of these lumps remain very static over a long period of time without causing any problems or irritation to the pig.


Elderly adult

Reproductive tumors


Large leiomyoma pre-surgical and the tumour being removed- Pictures Dr K Mozzachio

Tumours of the female reproductive tract are being increasingly reported particularly associated with the broad ligament and uterus.

This large ovarian tumour was removed from a pig

Sertoli cell tumour cut surface through testes shown

Tumours also occur elsewhere; this is a tumour of the thyroid.

Scrotal haemangioma these can be very common with little or no significance.

Elderly pig which suddenly went off her back legs

X-ray revealed a tumour lymphoma under the spinal column - arrow