Clinical gross anatomy of the lymphatic system

The superficial inguinal lymph node details



Ant lymphnodes lateral 2

Ant lymph ventral 2 labeled

Surface lymph nodes lateral view

Surface lymph nodes ventral view

Anat Lymph inguinal 1 labeled

Anat Lymph neck 2 labled

Superficial inguinal lymph nodes

normal size in a 25 kg pig average length 38mm, width 19 mm and weight 4.2g Normal sizes

Lymph nodes readily visible in the neck

Anat Tonsils norma label

Anat lymph lung 1 label

The tonsils ventral view

The major lymph nodes of the respiratory tract dorsal view

Anat lymph mes 2 labled

Anat lymph pop 1 labled

The jejunal lymph nodes

The superficial popliteal lymph node


Note there are hundreds of lymph nodes scattered through out the pig, the ones selected are useful to check during a clinical and post-mortem examination, which if enlarged may indicate the necessitate to investigate further.