Clinical gross anatomy of the locomotor system

Neurological anatomy spinal cord


General skeletal anatomy

Anat%20general%20side%20Ok%20label Anat Pig and skeleton

Lateral view of the porcine skeleton and superimposed on the pig outline


Detail of the spinal column

Forelimb skeletal anatomy



Lateral view of the forelimb


Detail of the elbow joint Detail of the dorsal carpus Detail of the lateral carpus


Hind limb skeletal anatomy

Anat%20skel%20hind%20leg%20side%20label Anat%20skel%20pelvis%20rear%20label

Lateral view of hind leg Cranial view of the pelvis

Anat%20skel%20knee%20side%20label Anat%20skel%20tarsal%20medial%20label

Detail of lateral view of knee Detail of lateral view of hock

Head and rear skeletal anatomy


Dorsal view of the pelvis and tail region


Lateral view of the head Detail of the dentition, lateral view

Anat foot plantar 2 label

Anat leg3 Label

The plantar view of the foot

The dorsal view of the distal front foot

Anat leg side view label

Lateral view of the distal front foot