Rectal stricture in the pig


Rectal stricture 1

Appearance of a rectal stricture in the grow finish house

Rectal stricture gross

Rectal stricture

Gross post-mortem appearance of a rectal stricture.

Gross view of the abdomen showing grossly dilated large bowel.


Rectal sticture PM inside of rectum

X ray of a rectal stricture, indicated by the white arrow.

Post-mortem internal view of the rectum, the scarred rectum indicated by the black arrow

Treatment: There is no effective treatment for rectal strictures.  Once recognised euthanasia is the only option.

Causes:  Possible causes include: trauma of the rectum during defecation (bitten by another pig), end-stage of rectal prolapse, Salmonellosis, mycotoxins.

Some modern grain varieties will shatter when hammer milled.  These small spicules then irritate the large bowel increasing risk of prolapse.  Consider rolling the grain if this is considered an option. The addition of grain enzymes may also help to soften the grains.

Control:  Review causes of rectal prolapse.  Review salmonella and feed management.