Clinical Gross Anatomy of the Intestinal Tract


General view of the head of the pig

The tongue dorsal view

The tongue ventral view

Detail of the gum margin and teeth

The hard and soft palate ventral view

Detail of the palatine tonsil

The oesophagus opened

General view of the pig, ventral body wall removed

The parietal surface of the stomach

The visceral surface of the stomach

The mucosal surface of the stomach, the organ opened along the greater curvature

Detail of the oesophageal opening

Detail of the pyloric sphincter opened

The ileocaecal junction

The spiral colon of a pig



The ileocaecal ligament, useful in locating the ileocaecal junction



The rectum opened

The spleen parietal surface

The spleen visceral surface

The liver parietal surface

The liver visceral surface

The liver, visceral surface showing the common bile duct.



It is always important to note the consistency and colour of feacal pellets: