Clinical gross anatomy of the head


In the pig the head and neck is large.  The pig’s head is dominated by its large snout (rostrum) which it uses as an rooting tool.  In combination with the muscles of the neck the snout becomes a major exploratory tool.  Pigs are extremely destructive and will kill and clear forests and homes when allowed.

Anat Skin face labelled

Anat Respiratory nose Label

The head from the front

Detail of the nose

The major landmarks of the skull

Anat skel head side 1 label


The skeletal head lateral

Detail of the teeth in the skull

Anat skull ventral label

Anat lower jaw black label

The skull, ventral view

The lower jaw, dorsal view

The pig’s (Sus scrofa) has a full complement of mammalian teeth with a dental formulae of ( i 3/3, c 1/1, pm 4/4, m 3/3) x 2 – 44

The canines in males the inferior surface is narrower than the posterior surface.  The female canines are small versions of the male.

The deciduous formulae is  2(Di3/3 Dc 1/1 Dp 2/3)

Teeth eruption times (which may be helpful in ageing pet pigs)

Many of the other species of Sus have lost teeth from this full mammalian complement, for example the Wart Hog –P. africanus has a dental formulae of:

(i1/3, c1/1, pm 3/2, m 3/3) x 2 = 34

Anat palate label

Anat mouth mucosa teeth label

The hard and soft palate

Detail of the teeth and gums

The soft tissues of the mouth and nasopharynx

Anat tongue dorsal label

Anat tongue ventral label

The tongue, dorsal view

The tongue, ventral view

Anat larynx black label

Anat Tonsils norma label

The tongue and larynx

The palatine tonsils


Internal anatomy of the nasal chambers

Atrophic rhinitis nasal lo label




Atrophic rhnitis section llabel

Longitudinal section of the nasal cavity

Cross section of the nasal cavity

The brain and cranial vault – anatomy of the neurological system



Anat brain dorsal label

anatomy brain label

The brain, dorsal view

Longitudinal section of the cranial vault