Salmonella Control Programme


Testing results

# Negative

# Positive

Salmonella monitoring programme results




Postmortem examinations




Salmonella exposure reduction programme

Area of concern



Biosecurity programme




Batch pig flow control programme working




Hospital care of any compromised pig




Cleaning between batches adequate




Disinfection of pig transport barrows, walkways, weighers



Clean boots and separate boot systems




Feeders cleaned between batches




Water systems cleaned between batches




Floor maintenance adequate report pen numbers which require service



Lime washing and disinfection. Disinfection dilutions correct.



Downtime between batches




Walkway around buildings maintained




No feed wastage and feeder management as proscribed




Feed bin hygiene cleaned every 4 months




Rodent control programme




Baiting maintenance.




Empty feeders between batches




Spilt feed avoided and cleaned up rapidly




Bird proofing maintained




Feeders covered




Effluent stores do not contaminate feed and ingredient stores



Bedding area secure




Herd health plans and veterinary examinations as proscribed



ZAP programme fully implemented



Animal transport to and from farm clean




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