Surgical Procedures in Pigs

OvarioHysterectomy in the Sow or Gilt


General anatomy of the female reproductive tract.

1 Vulva. 2 Urethral opening. 3 Vagina. 4 Cervix. 5 Uterine body. 6 Uterine horn. 7 Oviduct. 8 Infundibulum. 9 Ovary.


Remove pig from feed and water for 8 hours. Clean pig.



Sedation and anaesthesia

Intramuscular injection of Telazol - xylazine-ketamine mixture (TKX). Reconstitute powdered Telazol with 250mg xylazine (2.5ml) and 250mg ketamine (2.5ml). Dose at 1ml/25-35kg

Alternative could be intramuscular injection of xylazine 0.5-2.2 mg/kg IM and Telazol 3-6 mg/kg IM.


Inject intravenous sodium thiopental to effect

If gaseous anaesthesia is required, use intranasal intubation to administer the isoflurane. Note pigs may be halothane sensitive resulting in PSS


Check the pig regularly though the surgery

Make a midline incision through the linea alba just behind the umbilicus. The incision should be about 6 cm long

The uterus is normally very easy to find. Retract the horn forward to the ovary.

Ligate the ovarian artery and incise

Ligate and incise through the broad ligament vessels. These can be very large. The uterine body will need to be ligated in sections

Cut through the body of the uterine horn

The uterus and ovaries removed

Close the abdominal incision, suture the linea alba with Vicryl. The muscles and subcutaneous layers are closed by catgut

Close the skin incision.

(Subcutaneous closure recommended as this removes the need to remove sutures later)

The skin incision after subcutaneous sutures

Post-operative care to ensure comfortable recovery