Surgical Procedures in Pigs

Ablation of the Preputial Diverticulum in the Pig


The preputial diverticulum is a bilobed sac dorsal to the prepuce. There is a single opening leading into the prepuce. Ablation of the preputial diverticulum is often carried out on pet pigs to reduce the presence of odours even in castrates.

The bilobed preputial diverticulum post-removal.


Remove pig from feed and water for 8 hours. Clean pig.

Pigs over 3 weeks of age should be anaethesized for castration

Sedation and anaesthesia

Intramuscular injection of Telazol - xylazine-ketamine mixture (TKX). Reconstitute powdered Telazol with 250mg xylazine (2.5ml) and 250mg ketamine (2.5ml). Dose at 1ml/25-35kg

Alternative could be intramuscular injection of xylazine 0.5-2.2 mg/kg IM and Telazol 3-6 mg/kg IM.

Prepare intravenous sodium thiopentone to effect

If gaseous anaesthesia is required, use intranasal intubation to administer the isoflurothane. Note pigs may be Halothane sensitive resulting in PSS


Place the boar onto its back. Clean around the prepuce. There may be hairs at the entrance to the prepuce, these will need to be trimmed.

Place an artery forcep into the preputial os. It may be possible to partially evert the prepuce to demonstrate the entrance to the duct leading to the preputial diverticulum

Insert the forceps into the depth of one of the sacs of the preputial diverticulum and catch a portion of the wall. Pull gently and progressively. Over time it will be possible to evert the prepucial diverticulum.

Eventually the preputial diverticulum can be completely everted. It might tear but will generally come out intact.

Place a pair of forceps around the duct. Tie off the preputial diverticulum at the level of the duct Remove the preputial diverticulum. Invert the preputial mucosa. Administer routine post-surgery pain relief and antibiotics.