Surgical Procedures in Pigs

Epididectomy in the Pig


Anat male organs label

Anat Repro testes disection 5 label

General anatomy of the male reproductive tract.  Note the tract of the vas deferens.


In addition note that the pig’s testes is ‘upside’ down with the tail of the epididymis at the top of the testes.



Remove pig from feed and water for 8 hours.  Clean pig.

Pigs over 3 weeks of age should be anaethesized for castration


Sedation and anaesthesia

Intramuscular injection of Telazol® - xylazine-ketamine mixture (“TKX”). Reconstitute powdered Telazol® with 250mg xylazine (2.5ml) and 250mg ketamine (2.5ml).   Dose at 1ml/25-35kg

Alternative could be intramuscular injection of xylazine 0.5-2.2 mg/kg IM and Telazol® 3-6 mg/kg IM. 






Place the pig in left lateral recumbency.  Clean and prepare the scrotal area.

Drape over the two testes

Incise over the right (upper) top of the testes – over the tail of the epididymis






The tail of the epididymis will be visible through the incision.

By blunt dissection pull the tail of the epididymis and push your fingers through the mesentery between the testes and epididymis

Pull the epididymis free from the testes by breaking down the testicular ligament and pull on the epididymis until the vaginal tunic breaks



Surgery castration 1

The testes will be seen exposed

Close the wound, the vaginal tunic, subcutaneous and scrotal skin.

Assuming that the epididectomy is successful, castrate the pig on the other side.

Surgery kune kune castration after

Allow the pig to recover from the anaesthesia.


It is possible to carry out a similar procedure on piglets at 10 days of age without anaesthetic.


Check the absence of semen before using the boar on a sow