Surgical Procedures in Pigs

Castration in the Piglet


General anatomy of the male reproductive tract.  Note the tract of the vas deferens.


In addition note that the pig’s testes are ‘upside’ down with the tail of the epididymis at the top of the testes.

No anaethesia is required if the piglet is castrated before 3 weeks of age.  Once castrated the piglet should be returned immediately to his mother.

Place the piglet between your legs with the chest held by the legs.  The piglet will stop struggling quickly.

Push the testical up and check for scrotal hernias.  Do not continue with open castration if a hernia is suspected.

With a surgical blade incise over the midline of the scrotum

The testes will prolapse through the cut

Push the testes out of the cut.  Grasp the testes between finger and thumb and with a pulling and twisting action remove from the pig

Ensure no remnants of the vaginal tunic remains on the outside of the pig.  Remove the other testes and then return the piglet to his mother.