Surgical Procedures in Pigs

Castration in the Adult Pig


Anat male organs label

Anat Repro testes disection 5 label

General anatomy of the male reproductive tract.  Note the tract of the vas deferens.


In addition note that the pig’s testes are ‘upside’ down with the tail of the epididymis at the top of the testes.



Remove pig from feed and water for 8 hours.  Clean pig.

Pigs over 3 weeks of age should be anaethesized for castration


Sedation and anaesthesia

Intramuscular injection of Telazol® - xylazine-ketamine mixture (“TKX”). Reconstitute powdered Telazol® with 250mg xylazine (2.5ml) and 250mg ketamine (2.5ml). Dose at 1ml/25-35kg

Alternative could be intramuscular injection of xylazine 0.5-2.2 mg/kg IM and Telazol® 3-6 mg/kg IM. 



Surgery op anaethesia gross

Prepare intravenous sodium thiopentone to effect

If gaseous anaesthesia is required, use intranasal intubation to administer the isoflurothane.  Note pigs may be Halothane sensitive resulting in PSS



Surgery checking pig 1

Surgery clipping for castration 2

Check the pig over as part of the normal anaesthesia requirements

Clip the area of the scrotum and inner groin

Surgery castration 1

Surgery castration 2

Make an incision midline just in  front of the scotum.  Push the top testes through the incision

Twist the testistical cord.  Clamp and ligate the vaginal tunic.  Pull to separate the tunic above the ligation.  Push the other testes through the midline incision and remove.

Surgery castration post surgery


Sitch the two vaginal tunics closed.  Close the subcutaneous tissues and finally the skin

Post surgery – allow the pig to recover from the anaethesia