Blood cells

Stained with diff-quick




Make a smear of a drop of blood and air dry

Fix in Diff-Quick solution A for 10 minutes

Dip slides 25 times in Solution B allow slide to remain in solution B for total of 10 minutes. Do not rinse slide

Dip slide 25 times in solution C for a total of 25 minutes

Wash with Phosphate buffered saline or distilled, deioized water


Permanent fixation:

Air dry slides. Clear in Xylene and mount using synthetic mounting medium

Blood cells differentiation

Blood smear general


General blood smear

Erythrocyte (arrow 1) and platelet (arrow 2)


Blood smear neutrophil

Blood smear monocyte

Blood smear eosinophils 2

Neutrophil- note the segmented nucleus

Monocyte Large nucleus filling cell

Eosinophil- note the red granules

Basophils look similar but with red granules


White blood cells are made up of the combination of Lymphocytes plus the neutrophils, monocytes, eosinophils and basophils