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Q. I wish to look at the spreadsheets but I get: Need to download Microsoft office web components and there is no link?

A.  Click here to download office web components.  Once loaded a pop-up bar will ask if you want to run Active X Control - click yes.  The spreadsheets should now work.   [email protected]

June 2009

Breeding sows with belts and AI - 100 an hour!!

Gilt selection - simple spreadsheet to assist selecting the right gilt

Review your biosecurity protocols - this montage illustrates some typical biosecurity problems

Keeping tract of your medicine use

Theoretical aspects that may impact on the potential lactation feed intake

Litter size weight predictions

Theoretical consideration of finishing feed intake

A pig's physical dimensions

The effective temperature being experience by your growing pigs and your adults

Gilt preparation - developing a timetable and ensuring the gilt is correct for weight and age

Basic ventilation calculations - inlets and outlets, static pressure issues, fan output