Updates to Portec Pig Site

January 2009

            Artificial insemination practices

Breeding by AI design and methods

    AI catheter placement

    Design of AI system 

    Breeding by AI the basics

    Breeding with a flatpack words

    Breeding with a flatpack pictures

    Breeding with a tube or bottle:

    Spiral catheter words pictures

    Foam catheter words pictures

Assisting sows to stand during AI

Servicing sows with breeding belts

AI problem solving


Outdoor review

Lactation feeding

Fostering protocols

Cleaning arcs

Courtship behaviour

Breeding facility

Dynamic mating


Artificial insemination review

Collection overview with video

Semen processing with video

AI insemination techniques with video


Welfare issues

Water problems

Curtain-sided building wind affects

Loading pigs onto a truck



Postmortem techniques with video


Environmental medicine

Introduction to environmental medicine and equipment



Review of salmonella control on pig farms