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Murdoch Vet329 Rotation Summary 2008


Example of some of the clinical examination issues that need to be observed during a routine examination to a farm. The following examples are set-up situations at Murdoch Pig Barn.




A plan of the pig unit at Murdoch University biosecurity issues

Sec car park lacking

Sec foot bath no disinfectant

Sec cattle dung

No car park

No disinfectant in the footbath

Feaces from other animals

Feed feed under bin

Sec rodent control poor

Sec rodent control pipe

Feed under feed bin rodent bird risk

Rodent control on outside of the building lack of complete walkway around the building

Sec foot bath building

Sec brush and scrape dirty

Sec rodent feed barrow uncovered

No bird proofing

Dirty utensils

Feed barrows not covered

Sec rodent control bait box

Sec rodent control bait box bait

Stockmanship health safety rodent bait out 1

Rodent bait box

With bait (previous empty)

Health and safety issue bait loose


Pig Flow

Floor toys and gatings au

Empty pens

Incorrect stocking rates





Med medicine cupboard

Med antibotics label au

Med needle storage 1

Medicine store

Which antibiotics

Which needle



Clinical sign small pig in pen au

Hernia umbilical large

Swine dysentery au 8

Small pig

Hernia (example)




Water drinker height low au

Water drinker not working

Water drinker not working in

Drinker height

Drinker function

Not working



Feed bag on floor

Feed barrow uncovered

Feed weevils au 3

Feed bags on floor

Feed barrows too fun

Rhyzopertha in feed bin

Feed feed quantity

Feeder wrong shape

Feed feeder sharp edges

Feed quantity

Feeder type

Feeder sharp



Stock group of weaners au

Floor toys and gatings au

Floor gap bars

Stocking density

Presence of toys

Width of gating



Air   quality check 2

Air check smoke rising note light

Air light dirty off au

Air temperature/quality

Air movement smoke

Light levels



Stockpeople health safety

Stockpeople pig boards

Stockmanship health safety power cord

Health safety

Pig boards

Electrical supply safety

Sec fire hose

Identification tattoo au 2

loading too steep2

Fire precautions

Pig identification

Loading area -slope



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Dr John Carr